Baby Boomers Adjusting to Technology Changes

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Recent studies reveal that older generations of Americans are happy to embrace changes to technology as long as it is viewed as practical. For many years, technology based companies were unsure how to market their services to the Baby Boomer generation, but the findings may help connect this population with technology they can use in both their personal and professional lives.

Although young people are often quick to adapt to new technology services, the Baby Boomers are generally a little more hesitant. This group, sometimes called “Second-Wave Adopters,” are not opposed to new technology, but need to see how it can come into play in their lives before making the change.

This new research was completed by Perion Network, Ltd., a company dedicated to providing effective digital services to second-wave adopters. They believe that the 120 million American consumers over the age of 45 are a comparatively untapped market that offers technology-based businesses a chance to increase their profits.