New Motion Capture Tech Leaps into Action

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Leap Motion has unveiled their new gesture control system called “Leap”, and applications to take advantage of the new technology have numbered over 15,000 in the first week alone. The new technology allows users to control what is on their computers to within a hundredth of a millimeter accuracy using nothing more than their fingers and hands, and was developed specifically with design applications in mind.

Leap Motion has reported that 26,000 developers from over 143 countries have requested software development kits, with applications stretching throughout numerous industries. The San Francisco-based company released the following information regarding potential development:

  • 14 percent of developers proposed gaming applications
  • 12 percent proposed music and video apps
  • 11 percent of proposals involved art and design
  • 8 percent concerned medical and science applications
  • 6 percent were interested in robotics applications

Proposals include applications which would allow users to drive cars, fly planes, and even automatically interpret sign language. Founders David Holz and Michael Buckwald indicated that a small group of extremely compelling projects would highlight the launch in an Apple-style app store, but has not yet revealed any details.