Keeping Your Servers Safe

Keeping Your Servers Safe

Despite the efforts of large companies to keep the information on their servers safe, there are reports of hacking every year. Yahoo was recently the victim of a major server invasion and has been the subject of serious security investigation in the aftermath. Last Thursday morning, hackers posted the username / password log-in information of over 400,000 users with the message that they hope this will inspire Yahoo! Inc. professionals to address the holes in their security system.

Everyone wants to keep their information safe and private. Some basic safety tips for protecting your servers from hackers is to:

  • Check your servers at least once a week
  • Update security software
  • Encrypt passwords
  • Set up security backups

Working with an IT professional may be a helpful way to establish computer security that suits the nature of your business, streamlines admin efforts, and protects your valuable information.

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