Location and CRM Services

Location and CRM Services

Many companies use customer relationship management (CRM) services to organize their clients, vendors, and other contacts. As many businesses make the transition from local to interstate or international service, they may need to expand their CRM database, but there is a debate about the best way to store contacts.

Companies that are preparing to re-organize their CRM systems should consider where their contact is located, how they’re sorting locations in their database, and whether or not this accurately reflects the placement of the person or vendor. There are many factors that could complicate the sorting system including:

  • Non-geographic zip codes
  • Area-codes that are not reflective of actual location
  • Incompatible country codes
  • Unique sorting systems used by companies that do not match up with large scale location services.

Companies that are looking to expand should take time to consider how their CRM systems may need to change during this time. For the advice you need as you begin this process, contact American Tech Association.

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