Microsoft Windows 8 and Your Business

Microsoft Windows 8 and Your Business

Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 8, will soon be available to businesses seeking to upgrade their current inventory of computer technology. Here are some of the benefits that the new operating system can have for your company:

  • Tablet and desktop interface support – Windows 8 will be available for use on both traditional desktop computers and the steadily growing tablet market. Windows 8 has been designed with a wide range of mobile-friendly features, including touch-screen capabilities, that make the experience a seamless transition from mobile to stationary technology.
  • Adaptability to existing hardware – companies that wish to implement Windows 8 for their business won’t be forced to invest in a new fleet of hardware devices. Instead, Windows 8 will be available to run on most hardware devices with sufficient technical specifications, including even devices which predate the Windows 7 operating system.
  • Quick boot-up times – Windows 8-enabled computers will now run the boot-up process from start to finish in a matter of seconds, significantly improving business efficiency by both allowing companies to fully power down their machines when not in use and preventing long wait times while employees restart their computers.
  • Improved security architecture – Windows 8 features a range of new features designed to continue improving user security for Microsoft customers. UEFI firm boot, for example, protects against boot loader attacks. Additionally, the inclusion of SmartScreen filter helps to prevent dangerous internet sites from introducing viruses or malware to a business’ computers.

These are some of the main benefits for businesses that have been noted by industry professionals relating to Windows 8’s upcoming release. The tech professionals at American Tech Association can help you make the most of this new operating system if you choose to use it at your company.

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