Mobile Technology for Small Businesses

Mobile Technology for Small Businesses

Highly regulated personal injury firms and other legal businesses face challenges that may be unfamiliar to those involved with large corporations. In order to address the unique demands of working for a smaller company, many entrepreneurs and owners are utilizing the benefits of mobile technology.

Paychex, Inc., an organization that provides human resource and payroll services to small businesses in America, recently reviewed the use of mobile technology in the businesses they represent. A statement released by their CEO reported that half of the businesses using mobile technology “say they couldn’t survive without it”.

Their report concludes that small business owners were primarily utilizing smart phones as their point of access to mobile technology. The use of smart phones by small businesses has more than doubled in the past five years because of the release of apps that can be customized to meet the needs of various business goals. The Paychex report stated that the primary benefit of mobile technology is that it saves time. 78% of business owners say that mobile apps and technology save them time and increase their productivity.

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