Security for Human Error

Security for Human Error

Even with intensive security applications in place to keep your company’s data safe, there may be a risk that you haven’t considered—your employees. Human error or negligence can undermine your efforts at avoiding viruses or hacking, but by reviewing a few safety tips, you may be able to ensure your employees are helping, not hurting, your security programs.

IT systems in an office are only as safe as each employee makes them, so work must be done to prepare all workers for their role in keeping your business safe. The following safety tips may help companies avoid IT issues:

  • Make sure that employee passwords are strong, not generic, in order to prevent possible hacking to their individual accounts
  • Train employees in the basics of your office’s security system and preventative measures
  • Retain the services of a dedicated IT professional in order to monitor your company’s system and address issues as they come up
  • Tell employees to report any suspicious emails or unusual system behavior immediately
  • Consider limiting internet searches to keep employees from entering dangerous websites

Many companies are victims of hacking because employees fail to adhere to security protocol or accidentally compromise the safety of their office with weak security practices.

For more information about setting up appropriate security programs for your company, contact the IT professionals at American Tech Association today.

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