The Mobile Workforce is More Productive than Ever

The Mobile Workforce is More Productive than Ever

In a recent survey conducted by Good Technology, a managed enterprise mobility provider for mobile devices, data collected from a large range of working adults in the United States indicated that the average American is now putting in more than a month and a half of overtime every year. The startling figure is made possible by the wide reach of mobile technology, which has begun to merge professional and personal interactions until it is common for workers to be checking their email, answering calls, and engaging in other business interactions after hours using their mobile devices.

80% of those polled indicated that they continue working after leaving the office, and are engaged in business matters for an average of 7 hours per week while officially off the clock. While many suggested that it was just the best way to stay organized, 50% indicated that they felt obligated to stay connected with customers through timely replies in order to stay competitive. Attitudes toward working from home are shifting as well, with only a quarter of respondents indicating that answer calls or emails from home caused disagreements between spouses.

Mobile Statistics

The study revealed a number of surprising statistics regarding the use of mobile devices, including the following:

  • Americans first check their phone at around 7:09 am on average.
  • 50% of those surveyed admit to checking their email while still in bed.
  • 40% of the workforce continues to use work email after 10 pm
  • 69% of those polled would not go to sleep without checking their work email
  • 57% indicated that they check work emails during family outings

These numbers demonstrate that mobile devices have begun to merge our personal and business lives to a degree that would have been unthinkable 20 years ago, and that employers are reaping the benefits of a more connected workforce through enormous amounts of unlogged overtime each week.


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