Ways to Cut Back on Tech Costs

Ways to Cut Back on Tech Costs

When starting up a new business, many people get overwhelmed with unnecessary expenses because they are unfamiliar with the products they are being sold or do not fully understand the tech needs of their office. Some of the items you can skip over and save a little money include:

  • Land lines—At this point, wireless coverage is not only available, but it’s affordable. Land lines are not necessary to handle high-volumes of calls anymore, so don’t get wrapped up with setting up unneeded land lines.
  • PDX phone systems—(Private Business Exchange) Much like land lines, most small businesses don’t need fancy multi-line phone systems right away. Start with a basic system that offers a few handsets and move up as you grow.
  • Storage hardware—It’s not a bad idea to have a few backup systems in place, but for most small businesses, online cloud backup systems are affordable and easier to use than on-site hardware.
  • Credit card processors—Mobile devices are now equipped to handle credit card payments with simple additions that are more affordable, easier to use, and faster than previous processors.
  • Postage machines—Unless you mail high volumes of letters and packages every day, the amount of money spent renting a postage machine is probably too high. There are many other stamp and postage discount services available that may better suit your business needs.

The tech professionals at American Tech Association are prepared to help you make smart decisions about the realistic technology needs of your company. Contact us anytime for more information.

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