The International Trial Attorneys Association is committed to ensuring that our members have access to all of the best resources to improve their knowledge and skills in the legal arena. Therefore, we annually help to organize and host a range of different events intended to provide our members with access to the cutting-edge of trial law. Some of our most popular offerings include our extraordinarily successful CLE series, symposia on wide-ranging topics from leading legal researchers, and charitable efforts such as our annual fun run, Plead the 5(th)K.

However, easily our most popular and well-attended event each year is our annual conference. Held at the headquarters of our American branch in scenic California, the conference consistently brings together the very best of the legal community for three days of networking opportunities, speaker presentations, and diverting entertainments.

Conference Features

Our annual conference is frequently attended by a significant portion of our membership, and therefore, more than any other event which we organize, this provides a wonderful opportunity for our members to encounter professionals whose different experiences can help to enrich their own understanding of the law and its various aspects. In order to encourage this type of interdisciplinary interaction, our conference features a range of different opportunities for engagement, including:

  • Speaker presentations from members from across the legal spectrum
  • Keynote address from our Distinguished Member of the Year
  • Five-course catered meals from the executive chef of L’Endroit Francaises
  • Wine-tasting presented by a world-ranked sommelier
  • “No Lawyer Jokes” open-mic night

Additionally, each year’s conference typically features a number of unique events, depending on the available opportunities.

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