Facebook Acquires Mobile Bookmarking Service

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San Francisco mobile bookmarking service, Spool, has recently become part of the Facebook team. At this point, it appears that Facebook made the deal in order to gain the talent of Spool’s team, not the actual technology that they currently provide to users. The bookmarking technology is not expected to be integrated into Facebook.

The team at Spool is experienced with and dedicated to streamlining the way that individuals utilize the internet on smart phones, an area that Facebook has expressed interest in improving. The post from Spool about the deal suggests that their team will be continue to focus on mobile app development on Facebook’s tech team.

Both Facebook representatives and spokespersons from Spool have confirmed that the deal is set, and Spool recently shut down their service. Afterwards, they released information on how current users of their technology can retain their current bookmarks during the transition.