In addition to providing a variety of IT-related services to businesses across the country, American Tech Association is dedicated to promoting the advancement of the technology industry throughout the country by means of extensive advocacy at every level of government in order to ensure the voices of our members are heard and understood by the policy making bodies that shape the structure of our markets and industries. Many businesses do not have the time or resources to have a meaningful impact on policy development above the local level, which is why American Tech Industry strives to create a united voice for its members.

Areas of Advocacy

Many of the businesses we serve and organizations we partner with are involved in international trade and services, and American Tech Association recognizes the need to ensure that member interests be represented internationally as well as domestically. Through American Tech Association, we aim to promote the interests of our clients and partners on the following levels:

  • State
  • Federal
  • Euro-zone
  • China
  • International

The diversity of businesses we work with demands that our attention be focused on a variety of issues that concern our industry both domestically and abroad. Government regulation and intervention can make or break the success of a company venture or entire category of business, and having our interests represented in the following areas allows your company to take part in the discourse that shapes the business landscape:

  • Tax code
  • Privacy issues
  • Cyber security
  • Export/Import control
  • Governance of the internet
  • Stimulus funds
  • Environmental issues
  • Intellectual property rights

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