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Oracle Unveils Public Cloud Service

Oracle Corporation, the database management giant, recently unveiled its new cloud service, Oracle Cloud. Among other things, the new service will feature what Oracle CEO Larry Ellison referred to as “social relationship management,” content creation tools, end-user website development assistance, and significant collaborative assistance. Furthermore, Oracle Cloud will keep user data private, rather than mingling it with other user’s data as many other cloud services do, according to the Washington Post.

As individual and business data use continues to increase at current rates, use of cloud services, or end-recipient service delivery and storage capacity from third-party capacities, has become an increasingly attractive option for many. Not only can cloud services, such as Oracle’s Cloud, provide a convenient storage place for all of a customer’s important data, from things as simple as mobile apps to heavy-duty software, but they also allow multi-platform accessibility that can help to bridge the gaps between established and emerging technologies.